This week I was walking at Barden Ridge and listening to some creation themed music, reflecting on Seasons of Creation and the posters we are putting on the Church Facebook page and website, when I came upon a pile of litter. I remembered the Pick up Rubbish poster so thought okay time for action and started picking up rubbish. I was about 3 mins into it when I looked up and a young girl had started to help me. God at work! 

Sometime we feel that one person cannot achieve much but one person becomes two and then three and so on. It is easy to feel hopeless and helpless but God call us to action, to be part of the solution.  I encourage you this September, in Seasons of Creation, to find ways you can make changes in the way you live for the good of the Earth. Check out the Engadine Uniting Church Facebook page and website for some ideas and please share changes you have made.

Kathy Slade