On Monday I delivered the grocery donations to Project Youth at the Kiora Road Miranda centre. 

The CEO Jodie Darge met me on-site and  opened up the centre and together we unloaded from my car a great load of groceries.

I took the opportunity to ask Jodie how  Project Youth was managing and operating throughout  the current Covid lockdown restrictions.  

Most of the staff are working from home and the community centres are closed.  Jodie said that the Cafe Y was closed for obvious reasons.  The Hurstville school is doing online learning and the students do appear to be focused and keeping up with their education.

Volunteers involved in the mentoring programme are continuing to connect with their young friends online.  All in all Project Youth is still able to operate some of their programmes.

Jodie was very grateful for the donations as there is quite a demand for food.  Many of the youth have lost their casual employment and many of them for some reason cannot  qualify for the Covid disaster payment.

Project Youth has also received food hampers from OzHarvest.

I managed to have a brief social chat with Jodie as it turns out as I guessed I do know her father from many years ago.

Once again Jodie has expressed gratitude for our ongoing support and is more than happy for us to help out with another donation as these difficult times continue.

I would like to also express my appreciation to our many wonderful food donors.   It was amazing to have had such a response from our congregation in such a short time frame.   We can certainly move mountains.

I’ll let everyone know soon when I can negotiate another date to make another trip to Miranda to delivery groceries.