Robyn and I have found the people of the Engadine Uniting Church (EUC) to be a compassionate community, sharing their time, gifts and talents with others and the wider community.

COVID restrictions, particularly during the times of ‘lockdown’, have limited our ability to be together. For some of us this has meant spending more time enjoying the beauty of our environment. For me this involves the love of gardening. Yes I do talk to the plants, however I believe that in sharing this love, plants carry a message to others of caring.

I feel that for many of the plants, I am a steward of part of their journey, to nurture with a responsibility to share them with others.

For me the idea of giving away the little plants is a privilege. ‘Sharing is Caring’, a common phrase that has a big meaning; that when we share something it can be equal to caring. Sharing can be through tangible things like little plants, chocolate, craft or intangible things like a spiritual thought, an idea, or our experiences. In the EUC community we have observed and experienced these wonderful acts of sharing and compassion.

With the COVID lockdown visitations have been very restricted. Because Rev. Paul was able to continue compassionate visitations, we thought of the idea of sharing as an act of kindness, the little plant care packages might be OK. Paul made enquiries on the plan, the response was quite overwhelming. Our plan of unexpected kindness was very powerful. I found the idea aligned to the song by Paul Kelly – ‘From little things big things grow’.  From the idea of sharing the little plant care packages, they have also been shared with OOSH staff and for the kids father’s day gifts.

As ‘freedom’ from some of the COVID lockdown restrictions is within our grasp, particularly allowing up to 10 visitors to your home, Robyn and I look forward to welcoming members of our EUC community to share a cuppa and possibly increase their family of little succulents. The diorama using Lego and little succulents is in support of the invitation to visit and reflects my sense of attempted humour with possible comments by the welcoming crowd and the stories that the little plants want to share.

John Hely